NAME : 'Death Punch Dave'
AGE : 24
I started pole fitness 5 years ago and was hooked almost instantaneously. The improvements to my strength and physique were phenomenal and it quickly became my biggest passion. After 2 years I was teaching pole regularly, predominantly the higher levels such as intermediate and advanced focusing on the strength and conditioning aspect of pole fitness. In June 2013 I started my own business GLD Aerial Fitness offering pole fitness and Aerial Hoop courses.
Although working part time and teaching most days each week, I have never neglected my own training and regularly attended masterclasses with some of the biggest pole athletes in the world to continue to learn and improve my technique. To this day, my passion for pole and aerial hoop is still a motivating factor within my fitness training and I will consistently strive to push my body and mind to its limits to excel in my field. 
In 2013, I discovered the world of crossfit. I quickly became hooked to the intense interval training and variation with the view to improve my cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility. After only a few crossfit classes, my preference for the weight lifting and power lifting aspect of the workouts became apparent and I sought to develop these skills wherever I could.
I plan to do my Crossfit Level 1 training within the next year along with other qualifications.
Favourite Crossfit WOD : Annie (50, 40, 30, 20, 10 double unders / sit ups)
Favourite Exercise : Deadlift / Pull ups / Rope Climbs / Double Unders 
Least Favourite Exercise : Box Jumps / Running / Burpees
Favourite Pole Move : Front Levers / Batwing / Fonji Flip and any drops
Best Lifts : Deadlift : 145kg , Bench : 57.5kg , Squat : 95kg , Clean 60kg , Front Squat 75kg , Farmers 70kg (each hand, total 140kg) , Log ; 47.5kg , 17 unbroken strict pull ups.

Facebook : Death Punch Dave

Instagram : Deathpunchdave / #gunslikedave